Donovan & Derek completing a successful sales trip to Mexico, for Vendalite International at historic Constitution Square – Queretaro.

Partner in Vendalite International, Alejandro and his wife Lupita, discussing a strategy for introducing our product to the historical Missions of the Queretaro Diocese.

In 1979 we began development of our first electronic candle stand, with a button in front of each candle using a simple Christmas tree bulb. The electronics were simple and basic with not much grace.

In 1981 we redesigned the original electronics and improved the design of the chassis using the original INTEL microprocessor developed in 1976. The beauty of this new product was the patentable and revolutionary introduction of using a wand to light the candle. 

In 2009, we again redesigned the electronics replacing the incandescent bulbs with long life LED’s and a new state of the art processor. With these developments came a new master board, coin activator and with this introduction of green technology, we reduced electrical costs. This new technology uses less than 1 watt of power, per system.

It’s as easy as depositing your offering, pick up the wand and lighting your candle of choice.

We have since moved on to develop the Gabriel APP for use with smart phones and develop websites using the concept of e-candles as a fund raising tool by Parishes and Dioceses for special projects. For further information on these and other programs please feel free to contact our offices at

  • Offices in:
  • United States – Niagara Falls
  • Canada – Ontario & British Columbia
  • Mexico – Queretaro


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