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Manufacturer & Distributor of Electronic Candles for Parishes, Shrines, Mausoleums, Hospitals & Retirement Homes

For more than 30 years Vendalite has been manufacturing and distributing this innovative and new technology to our clients. We strive to be innovative in the market place and guarantee a product that will be a success for your needs.


Upgrading old technologically to new 'green' technology

Vendalite will convert any electronic candle system manufactured by any competitor. With the introduction of our new 'green' electronic candle system, Vendalite can use your original chassis and remove the old technology and add our 'green' technology.

It is a savings to the Parish and will cut costs in electricity consumption. The old technology is based on electronic designs developed over 30 years ago. An upgrade will continue the operation of this source of funds for another 15 to 20 years.

An App for Smart Phones

Vendalite will partner with your Parish to provide this new revenue sharing program.

There are individuals who for whatever reason are less mobile to attend weekly masses, or simply have a desire to light a memorial candle at any time. Through an App on an individuals' smart phone they call up the App, touch the top of the candle with their finger, thereby lighting the candle for a period of 5 days.

A new service for parishioners who may best benefit from the Gabriel App, available on Apple, Android and Blackberry Smart Phones.

Gabriel, the Angel of Revelations, is communicator of divine revelation, chief of the angelic guards placed over Paradise and Patron of Telecommunication Workers, Broadcasters and Messengers.