Light a candle remotely, to express your spirituality or honor the memory of a dear departed loved one.

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Gabriel -

Electronic Candles

For more than 40 years Vendalite has been manufacturing and distributing this innovative and new technology to our clients. We strive to be innovative in the marketplace and guarantee a product that will be a success for your needs.

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About us

Now, through the innovative medium of the Gabriel App from Vendalite, you can LIGHT A CANDLE from your cell phone here, from home, or from anywhere you can use your cell phone.


Vendalite will convert any electronic candle system manufactured by any competitor. With the introduction of our new ‘green’ electronic candle system, Vendalite can use your original chassis and remove the old technology and add our ‘green’ technology.


Crowdfunding is a recognized source of fundraising. Gabriel is available to any organization that would like to investigate the feasibility of using our products for their crowdfunding initiatives.


  • We believe in spirituality that should restore us from today and ready us for many more tomorrows.  
  • We believe in seeking the balance between day-to-day life and our spiritual needs, learning to find contentment in both.  
  • We believe in human kindness, knowing we are made better when we all work together.
  • We believe in courage - in cartwheeling past our comfort zones and trying something a little bit scary every day. 
  • We believe that failure needn’t be a negative thing; rather we learn from our mistakes and fail smarter next time. 
  • We believe in doing good work that matters and, in choosing that, nudging others towards doing the same.  
  • We believe that each day is a gift and that everyday miracles are scattered about if only we have eyes to see.

St. George's Anglican Cathedral, Kingston.

St. Joseph's Oratory, Montreal

Notre dame de, Montreal.


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Would you love to make a prayer and light a candle for a loved one, but can’t come to the Basilica in person? It’s possible to do so from your smartphone with the Gabriel APP by Vendalite Gabriel! Light a candle remotely by selecting the Notre-Dame de Montréal Basilica! You can also light your candle from your desktop computer –
Ah, the marvel of technology!
For more information, visit :

Christine Dziedzic

VR/AR MemorialVerse Services Reimagined Pet Grief Resources Futurist Founder LLC. Entrepreneur, Building an empire for future philanthropy, Innovator with a proven track record, 30+ years experience.

Premier Funeral

A beautiful way to memorialize someone and a great offering for those who visit your funeral home or cemetery.


Now, through the innovative medium of the Gabriel App from Vendalite, you can LIGHT A CANDLE from your cell phone here, from home, or from anywhere you can use your cell phone.

How does Gabriel work?

Cloud (Amazon Web Services AMS.) IoT (Information of Technology) and Wireless Connectivity (Cellular or WIFI), are some of the tools which are not available elsewhere in the world.

Why do we need a Vendalite candle system to operate Gabriel?

Gabriel will not operate without a Vendalite candle system – the system is “the secret sauce” The goal of Gabriel is to light a 5 day votive candle at a site that has a Vendalite candle system.

How long does it take to pay for the system?

Generally depending on the candle usage, one year on average.

What are financial options?

Purchase outright, rent for a short period of time, rent for a longer period of time – all depending on financial needs. Email us at for further information.

How much power does a system use to operate?

Less than that of a 60w light bulb when fully lit.

The memorial display is a different option, why?

The memorial display is a product that satisfies those individuals who prefer to light a 1 year votive candle using Gabriel, with the option to renew every year with a reminder sent by email.


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