We are a family owned and operated electronic candle manufacturer. Our clients are the Roman Catholic Church, Mausoleums, Funeral Homes, Hospitals and Schools. Our product fulfills a need for your families. Our e-candle system enable your families to feel more connected to their loved ones. The lighting of a candle can be part of the grieving process, comforts families by enabling family members to fulfill a universal need to pay homage, respect and to honor their loved ones. Families light a candle, mourn and remember their loved ones, and then come back and to it all over again next week. It is a ritual of passing, a 2000 year old tradition. This trend of using e-candles is increasing and includes the ll ethnic groups. We started with the Roman Catholic Church and branched out to non denominational cemeteries, mausoleums and funeral homes as a result of the decline in the numbers of people attending structured religions, opting for non denominational institutions. These new clients maintain the tradition and their desire of lighting a candle in remembrance of loved ones.

The obvious benefits to our clients, once our product e-candles is introduced to their families include no maintenance and is considered a new source of revenue. Though insurance premiums can be reduced,general insurance providers & Fire Marshall's have recommended Parishes remove open flame candles while some Dioceses have outright banned them in their Parishes.